SHAREit for Windows Phone 2020

SHAREit for Windows Phone: File sharing across devices is well handled by SHAREit. It is now easy to transfer files between devices for free from SHAREit for the Windows mobile app. All the features of SHAREit for Windows mobile makes file sharing a handy process without any difficulties. SHAREit is a unique app designed for multi-purpose file transferring. i.e., you can transmit any files of any type with any size using the SHAREit app.

Not all of us have the same file-sharing requirements, but however, SHAREit app apk performs every other sharing needs in the best possible way. Let it be a photo or large files like a movie, SHAREit works for anything and everything. Transfer a wide range of different types of files between two devices quickly with wireless means by using the SHAREit Windows Phone app.

It is a fantastic file sharing application that transfers files of any type within seconds to another device. SHAREit app is one of the fastest methods to send and receive files between devices at zero cost. The SHAREit app has replaced the traditional way of sharing files and data.


Download SHAREit for Windows to wirelessly share data with no cables or Bluetooth connectivity required anymore to share files. The article is all about the SHAREit, features of SHAREit for Windows, and a direct link to free download SHAREit for Windows mobile.

SHAREit for Windows Phone

SHAREit Windows Phone is the best file sharing tool that works at a flashing speed while transferring files. Experience the best of file transferring with the advanced file sharing features of the SHAREit app for Windows phone. Amongst the multitude of file sharing applications, SHAREit apk is the most preferred tool to transfer files. With SHAREit app,

SHAREit for Windows 10 PC Free Download 2020

you can transfer files between phone and computer at any time as transferring is no longer limited. It is a cross-platform application that can be used on different platforms. It includes SHAREit for Windows mobile, SHAREit Apk for Android, SHAREit for iOS, SHAREit for PC Windows, SHAREit for Mac PC, and SHAREit for Windows 10 PC.

SHAREit for Windows Phone

SHAREit is the most popular file sharing tool that lets it user connect and share their files and data with other SHAREit app users. Send and receive files including photos, music and video, files types like documents, PDF files, text documents, apps, movies and more of multimedia contents can be transferred with the SHAREit app download for mobile.

The core feature of SHAREit apk is to transfer files between devices without having to use cloud storage. From SHAREit for Windows mobile, you can easily transfer any files with anyone who has the SHAREit app installed on their device. With the SHAREit app for Windows Phone download, you are no longer dependent on wired means of transferring like the external USB cable support.

Even there is no need to use Bluetooth to share your files with other device wireless, which takes much of your time. Just install SHAREit app on your Windows Phone to let enjoy file sharing at the faster than faster rate. SHAREit on Windows Phone works nearly 200 times faster than that of the Bluetooth file transferring. Also, you no need any internet or wifi connection to establish a connection between others.

SHAREit app works by establishing a Wifi or hotspot connection between other devices having SHAREit install. i.e., ad-hoc Wi-Fi connections. On successful connection, the files can transfer via a SHAREit app for Windows Phone to other SHAREit users. Thus all the files you transfer are free of cost, and you need not pay any cost, including for the internet.

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SHAREit supports multiple SHAREit users of about five at a time, and thus it is easy to share files mutually. When the sharing is completed, SHAREit app will automatically identify it and closes the wifi connection.

There is a player built-in with the SHAREit app on Windows Phone with which you will be able to watch videos, play music contents easily without depending on other media players. Tap on the send button and click on the files you wish to share. On the other side, the receiver can click on the receive button to trust and receive files. Every transfer gets completed within few seconds, even if the file size is large.

There will be no loss of quality and data as SHAREit Windows Phone app retains everything. Get down to the article to download SHAREit app for Windows Phone and know its features. Click on the link below to download SHAREit for Windows mobile.

SHAREit for Windows Phone

Features of SHAREit for Windows Phone

The key features of SHAREit Windows are as follows.

  • Download SHAREit Windows Phone app to enjoy sharing files and data for free without using the internet or wifi connection.
  • SHAREit is a free file sharing application available that is the fastest file transfer tool to share files of different types with different sizes.
  • Send and receive music, videos, movies, documents, PDF files, Zip files, apps, and more files at a flashing speed of 20 M/s from SHAREit app.
  • Transmit files wirelessly without any internet connection, external USB cables, Bluetooth connectivity at the faster rate now with the SHAREit app download for Windows Phone.
  • Connect with multiple SHAREit users at the same time to transfer the same files simultaneously for free with the download of the SHAREit app.
  • Move your contacts, files, and more of contents from your old Phone to new with the Phone Replicate feature of the SHAREit app.
  • It is easy to send files to anyone who is using any type of device as SHAREit free download app is supported in the different operating systems.

Screenshots of SHAREit for Windows mobile

SHAREit for Windows Phone
SHAREit for Windows screeenshots
SHAREit File recived
shareit file sending
SHAREit file send completed

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