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Software NameSHAREit – Transfer & Share
Current VersionVarious with device
supportsWindows XP,7,10
DeveloperSHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd

Data sharing or transferring wasn’t that easy to do the job earlier. It was apparently one of the tedious processes as it takes quite a lot of time and, of course, your patience. But with the inventions of wireless file sharing apps like SHAREit, the whole of data sharing has transformed into a better thing. SHAREit app is the best among all of its kinds which lets you share your data within seconds.

What was once found to be the most onerous task ever is now found to be the simplest of all other processes as with the invention of SHAREit apk. So those who are in need of transferring any files irrespective of its size can opt to the SHAREit for the PC app.SHAREit is designed to be a cross-platform file sharing application that works with the different operating systems without any hassle.

SHAREit for PC

Thus, SHAREit PC Version works fine even for those who are using the Windows desktop platforms. So you can consider SHAREit for PC app when it comes to sharing files with your friends and family. 

As with the SHAREit for PC download, you will be able to transfer any data between the SHAREit users who are using different platforms which includes both smartphones and desktop PC.

SHAREit for PC

SHAREit is not like other smartphone apps that are designed and meant to work only with that particular platform. You can download SHAREit for Windows desktop platform to wirelessly send and receive any data to anyone who might be using SHAREit on their smartphone, tablets, or desktop.

It is easy to share files, photos, videos, movies, and even apps from one device to another device as with the SHAREit latest version.

No need for any external cables or Bluetooth connectivity, but you can quickly transfer any number of files to multiple users of the SHAREit app.

Also, you don’t require any data connection to make secure file transferring as with the SHAREit file sharing app. By the ad-hoc Wi-Fi connections of SHAREit, you can transfer your files at top speed from one device to another device. From this article, you will be getting information wholely about the SHAREit for PC, features of SHAREit PC version and the direct link to download SHAREit for PC. 

This is a cross-platform application and is available as SHAREit for PC Windows, SHAREit for Mac PC, SHAREit for Windows 10 PC, SHAREit for iOS, SHAREit for Windows Phone, and SHAREit Apk for Android.

SHAREit File Transferring App – An Overview

SHAREit is a file transferring app that was first launched In China in June 2012 and is known as any share. With the SHAREit app, one can share any data with one another SHAREit user regardless of the operating system they are using. SHAREit transfer files from a Wi-Fi compatible device to another similar one.

As a SHAREit user, you can transfer the files including your photos, videos, music, movies, contacts, apps and any other files. SHAREit app only communicates with other SHAREit-enabled devices irrespective of the platform you use. SHAREit works the best when a hands-free method of sharing is required.

The file sharing app is a free application initially developed by Lenovo that allows Windows PC, Windows Phone, Android, and iOS device users to transfer files directly by using the ad-hoc Wi-Fi connections.

Currently, SHAREit is owned by SHAREit Technologies Co. Ltd. SHAREit has replaced the oldest yet only best method of file transfer that was available, i.e., Bluetooth and USB cables. The wireless mode of transferring data via SHAREit doesn’t work over a general Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth. Alternatively, the SHAREit app will create a direct wireless connection for about five devices with SHAREit installed.

Thus, SHAREit is working based on the WiFi Direct methods which means a hotspot connection will be created with which other devices get connected.

Files can be sent and received on the successful connection from one to another device or multiple devices. SHAREit has even the option to clone a device and send its contents to another device.

The main advantages of SHAREit App Download lie in its transfer speed which is up to 200 times faster when compared with the traditional file sharing methods such as a Bluetooth connection.

SHAREit works at the highest speed which goes up to 20M/s. Once after the file transferring gets completed, SHAREit app will disable the wireless connection and go back to the normal state.

When it comes to quality of the file, the SHAREit transfers files without losing the quality. All the files are transferred via SHAREit are provided with added security and privacy. The data transferred from SHAREit will be stored on the device and not in the cloud storage.

The SHAREit app has been currently made available in 39 different languages including English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Chinese.

Methods To Download SHAREit for Windows pc

As mentioned above, SHAREit can be downloaded via two different methods. So those who prefer using the official version of the SHAREit app can follow the first method. For those who prefer using it via a third-party emulator can go with the second method. In either way, you will be getting the same features. Get into the following section to download SHAREit app.

Method 1: Download SHAREit for PC – Direct Method

  • Open your web browser on your desktop PC, type in as SHAREit, press enter. Alternatively, you can click here to visit the page directly.
  • On the home screen of SHAREit website, you can click on the Windows icon and wait for a second to download the SHAREit.exe file.
  • Go to the downloaded location in which the .exe file is downloaded and click on the SHAREit icon to download it.
  • Once after that, you have to click on the Accept button to accept and install the SHAREit app.
SHAREit for PC
  •  On accepting the terms and conditions, Setup wizard of the SHAREit app appears n which you have to check-in the Create a desktop shortcut box and click on Next button.
SHAREit for PC
  • On the next screen, you need to select the destination in which the SHAREit needs to be installed. By default there will a location selected and when you needed you can click on the Browse button to choose for a different location.Click on the Next button.
  • Now the installation process will and start will complete in seconds. Now click on the Finish button to finish to exit setup.
  • SHAREit app will open up with its home screen in which you have to select the Accept button to share files between devices.
  • The next will get open up with the following page showing your SHAREit for PC’s hotspot name and password with few other options.
send file
  • Those who are about to share from the smartphones can click on the Connect to PC option from your smartphone to establish a connection. If you are using your PC to connect, then click on Show QR Code or Search HotSpot of mobile options.
turn on hotspot
  • The SHAREit on PC will show the available connection as shown below with the avatar of the available SHAREit user.
  • Then click on the avatar to whom you wanted to share your files and wait until the connection gets established. Once after that, you will be able to choose files or apps to share it from or to the PC.
Transfer files

That’s it and you are done with the download and installation of SHAREit for PC via Direct Method.

Method 2: Download SHAREit for PC – Via Emulator

  • Open your web browser on your desktop pc and type in as BlueStacks and click on the enter button.
  • Download and install the BlueStack emulator on your PC once after downloading it.
  • Use your Gmail account credentials to signup with the BlueStack app to start using the SHAREit app on desktop PC.
  • Now you can search for the SHAREit app from by searching it by typing in the search bar.
  • SHAREit app gets opened up from the PlayStore, and you can click on the Install button to start downloading the SHAREit app for PC.
  • Once after the download gets completed, you will be able to see SHAREit on MyApps section of the BlueStacks, app player.
  • Click on the SHAREit app’s icon to open it up and start sharing the files between different SHAREit users.

That’s it, and you have successfully done with the download and installation of SHAREit for PC via Emulator.

Features of SHAREit for windows PC

Free File Sharing App: SHAREit for PC is a free to use data transfer tool that lets data and files to any SHAREit user without any hassle. Share Anything: You can share photos, music, video, movies,  apps, PDF files, documents, and other file types without any file size restrictions.

Supports Larger Files: SHAREit for PC version lets you transfer larger files even the gigabyte of file size with ease to other SHAREit users.

No External Tools Needed: SHAREit for PC needs no external tools like USB cables, data connection, and network to make data sharing.

Modern File Transfer Tool: Forget your standard file transferring tools and transfer files and apps with 200 times faster than Bluetooth with the SHAREit for PC app.

Multiple Connection: A SHAREit user can get connected in a group of four other devices simultaneously to transfer the same files to many users at the same time.

BackUp Photos From Phone To PC: It is easy to back up your photos to your PC from your phone using SHAREit for PC app with a single tap which saves your phone storage.

Cross-Platform Support: SHAREit for PC works well with all the smartphone and desktop platforms. Thus transferring between any device is very easy.

Screenshots of SHAREit for PC

send and recive

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