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SHAREit for Mac: For those who are searching for the best file sharing tool for Mac, can go with SHAREit. Experience the best of file transferring with now with the SHAREit. Amongst its rivals, SHAREit PC works reliably in transferring different kinds of data even across devices. File sharing between various devices is no more a complicated process for the Mac PC version as with the SHAREit Mac file transferring tool.

Those Mac PC users so far would have felt file transferring as one of the most significant challenging tasks with their Mac OS as not all the access is permitted due to the administrative rights. But with the SHAREit PC, transmitting files from Mac PC to any other device is made very simple. With SHAREit Download for Mac, files can be sent and received wirelessly at the fastest transferring rate.

SHAREit App doesn’t depend on any internet or data connectivity while transferring the files. As a Mac user, you need not depend on wired means of file transferring and not even the Bluetooth connectivity. Get rid of all the file sharing drawbacks and download SHAREit app.

Make sure you are transmitting files at 200 times faster than that of the standard Bluetooth with the  SHAREit file transfer on pc.

SHAREit for Mac

SHAREit file transfer is the best way of transmitting data of any format from or to your Mac PC. Various developments have taken place and it includes in file-sharing means too. SHAREit app is one such innovation that made sharing data a handy task. No other method of data transfer is so much efficient as like that of the SHAREit app. 

SHAREit for Mac – The Best File Transferring Tool

SHAREit is a cross-platform file or data sharing app that works at the fastest rate to transfer files. With SHAREit for Mac, it is very much easy and safe to send and receive contents at lightning speed. The SHAREit app has eliminated the need for cables to enable the wireless file transfer between devices at the rapid speeds. SHAREit Mac version is based on the ad-hoc WiFi connections.

Thus if you wanted to send anything from your Mac PC to another device nearby, then that device must have the app installed in it. Simply select the files that you wanted to send, and on the other hand, WiFi hot spot or network will be created by SHAREit for the desktop. As soon as the receiver opts for receiving the files, then a connection will be established to transfer files from your Mac PC and vice versa for receiving files via SHAREit On mac

SHAREit for Windows Phone 2020

The users of Mac can share data with their friends as well as transfer their content between all of their devices just on the go. SHAREit cross-platform app is the modern file sharing tool where Bluetooth and external USB cables were termed to be the oldest means of file transferring.

SHAREit for Mac

SHAREit app for PC Mac doesn’t use the internet while transferring and thus you are free from any data charges. Using SHAREit latest version on any device is much more affordable and convenient to use as the user-interface of SHAREit Mac version is designed to be very simple. Just click on send or receive button or simply scan the QR code to initialize the file transfer.

Install SHAREit on your Mac PC to send and receive contents like photos, music, videos, documents, folders, contacts, and apps. Thus there is support for all types of files and formats with the SHAREit app. Wireless file transferring via SHAREit app even transmits file size of several gigabytes at the flashing speed. SHAREit functions in a way to send and receive files without any loss in the original quality of data. At most SHAREit takes only 20 M/s as the transferring speed across different devices.

Download shareit for mac

There is no problem to share data from your Mac PC to any other devices like to Android smartphone or iPhone or Windows Phone or PC and vice versa. As mentioned earlier, SHAREit is available in the Mac Store and just click on the link below to free download.

Click the link and directly download SHAREit for Mac PC desktop from the Mac Store.

SHAREit download button

Features of SHAREit for Mac

Wireless File Sharing: SHAREit is the most popular wireless file sharing tool that lets you send and receive files without any external cables.

Share Files for Free: You need not pay for sharing your files when you have the SHAREit app installed on your Mac PC as it is absolutely free to use.

Modern Sharing Tool: SHAREit app is the modern file transferring tool as it is based on the ad-hoc wireless file-sharing method.

Transmit Anything: Share different file types from photos to music, video, movies, contacts, and apps. There is also support available for sharing PDF files, documents, and more.

Unlimited File Size: SHAREit for PC app can transmit back and forth files of unlimited size without any hassle for free.

Flashing Speed: All the files and data transmitted will be moved at the flashing speed of about 20 M/S with 200 times faster than the Bluetooth transfer.

Multiple Sharing: Unlike standard file transferring tools, SHAREit for PC Mac app not only share files with one another device but also to multiple users of about four SHAREit users at the same time.

Easy Backup Option: Backing up all your valuable data takes only few second and thus SHAREit saves all your treasured moments quickly and efficiently.

Multi-Platform App: SHAREit is a cross-platform application that works on all the different modern operating systems and thus transferred between any of them is made easy with this file-sharing tool.

Screenshots of SHAREit for Mac

send files

send files on mac with shareit
send quicky

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