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SHAREit for iOS: If you are one among those who are searching for the best file sharing tool, then SHAREit is the best choice to deal with. SHAREit transfers files within seconds wirelessly without internet charges. With SHAREit, file sharing has got a new reach as with its simplicity of transferring.

With high-end security, iOS doesn’t permit unauthorised apps, and this is the reason for the unavailability of many Android apps in iTunes. But when it comes to SHAREit, it is a cross-platform supported application, and it is easy to transfer files to any platform.

Thus, SHAREit for iPhone is designed for transferring any files across devices at zero cost. It is very much easy to work with the SHAREit app as with just a click, your files got transferred at a faster than faster rate.

You no longer ought to depend on the external USB cable support to transfer your files to your desktop PCs. Not even Bluetooth is needed, which takes several minutes to transfer the file of smaller size.

Just choose the SHAREit iOS app to send and receive multiple files to any platform and any device. There are no constraints as to the number of files you transfer and not even its size. SHAREit for iPad works the best and satisfies all your file sharing needs.

From this article, you will be dealing completely with the Download SHAREit for iOS, SHAREit app features, and the direct link to download SHAREit.

SHAREit for iOS

SHAREit for iOS

SHAREit iOS App is best of the best file transferring tool that lets you share your files and data in no time. File transferring was one of the biggest challenges faced by iOS users earlier as with the security concerns provided. But with the introduction of file transferring tool like SHAREit iPhone has broken those kinds of limitations and let it user share files to anyone. 

Wireless file transferring via SHAREit app gives ease to any of its users as with the most advanced file transferring features. SHAREit is a multi-platform supported application and is available for both smartphones as we as the desktop PCs of any version for free. It is available as for iOS, SHAREit Apk for Android, SHAREit for Windows Phone, SHAREit for Windows 10 PC, SHAREit for PC Windows, and SHAREit for Mac PC.

SHAREit for iOS – A Brief Note

SHAREit by SHAREit Technologies Co. Ltd is the best of all file transferring application and is used by more than 600 million users. With SHAREit Latest Version, sharing of files has been made that simple between devices which made it famous. SHAREit iOS lets you transfer files like photos, music, videos, movies, PDF, documents, apps, wallpapers, and more file types. It doesn’t restrict you to the file type you are about to transfer; thus SHAREit iOS app supports any file formats.

When it comes to file size, iOS SHAREit app functions in a way to transfer even the gigabytes of files size without any hassle. SHAREit iOS app works 200 times faster than that of the Bluetooth. i.e. it takes less than a second to transmit the files irrespective of the file size. Now no more hassle to experience with the corrupted files or virus-infected data which you have encountered earlier with the wired or cable transfer.

Of course, Bluetooth would have also annoyed you as with its lower transmission speed. SHAREit is the only way that lets you overcome all these problems in no time and take advantage of wireless file sharing. All you need to have for using iPhone SHAREit file transferring is the one more devices having the SHAREit app installed.

SHAREit for iOS

SHAREit for iOS

SHAREit app doesn’t work on the internet, and thus you need not spend your money for data charges. It is based on ad-hoc Wi-Fi connections. i.e. SHAREit iOS app will create its own wifi network to establish a connection. It acts as a hotspot and lists other SHAREit users nearby with a SHAREit avatar to transfer files. Click on the user to start a connection. With just a click on send button, you can select the files and transfer to those available SHAREit users.

With a tap on the receive button, you will be able to receive files from others via SHAREit for Apple quickly. The files transferred over SHAREit will retain its quality, and thus there is no loss of its original format. SHAREit iPhone app lets you share the same files to the multiple users at the same time.

Even with multiple file sharing, the speed of transferring will be the same where it’s highest speed rate goes up to 20M/s. All your files and data are encrypted and secured with the SHAREit install, and there will be no damage taking place during or after transfer.

As SHAREit App Free Download is available for the iOS platform officially, it can be downloaded without any complications. Get into the article to directly download SHAREit and know its features in detail. Download SHAREit for iOS

SHAREit for iOS

SHAREit for Mac PC Free Download 2020

Features of SHAREit for iOS

The key features of SHAREit iOS app are as follows.

1. SHAREit for iOS is a free wireless file-sharing application that can transfer files without the need for Bluetooth or external USB cables.

2. Experience the fastest file transferring speed as with the SHAREit for iPhone app which is 200 times faster than the Bluetooth transfer.

3. The interface of the SHAREit app is simple and user-friendly and thus navigating between the different sections of the app doesn’t need any external knowledge.

4. Photos, movies, music, videos, PDF, documents, apps, and more other files types are supported with SHAREit iOS file transferring.

5. SHAREit iPhone app can transfer file types of any size without any restrictions or hassle all in one go with ease.

6. With iOS SHAREit, the user can establish multiple connections or transfer in files and data of the same type to a group of four others at the same time.

7. Experience the pleasant experience of listening to the best of music playing now from within the SHAREit app as with the SHAREit music player.

8. Share files are made easy from anywhere, at any time to anyone or many even without the internet connection at free of cost with the SHAREit app.

9. With the SHAREit Lock feature of SHAREit iOS app, all your files including the photos and videos are safe and secured all the time.

10. Get connected with friends or family who use different devices of different platform support to transfer files and data quickly as the SHAREit App Downloading is a multi-platform application.

Screenshots of SHAREit for iOS

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