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Share & transfer files between Android devices at lightning speeds without the Internet, Bluetooth or cables. Send & receive files, movies, videos, apps, pictures, documents over the air whilst being OFFLINE.

Share files without any limitations. Sharing files has never been this easy.

Shareit apk download

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👉Quickly share photos, videos, music, apps or documents. etc anytime and anywhere in seconds.

👉Securely share files between Android devices without the internet, Bluetooth, cables or flash drives.

👉Transfer files with speeds of upto 3x faster than Bluetooth without any loss in quality.

👉Transfer files wirelessly without any limits. No internet needed!

👉View and play shared & received files.

👉Our easy-to-use & clutter-free UI makes using this app a joy.

🌟New Features🌟

Software Update Check
Automatically notifies you as soon as updates are available for your favorite apps & games. Stop waiting for updates.

WA Status Saver
Lets you download your friends favorite WA Status with one tap. You can share the downloaded status or use it as your own.

File Manager
Lets you manage your files & storage on the fly.

How does SHAREgo work?

SHAREgo offers a fast, easy and secure way to transfer & share files.

Step 1: Launch the app and create a profile.

Step 2: Tap on ‘Send’ to send files and ‘Receive’ to receive files.

Step 3: Wait till the hotspot gets created at the receiver’s end and select files to send.

Step 4: At the sender end, your phone gets connected to the hotspot automatically that was created by the receiver and the receiver profile picture gets displayed on the sender’s screen.

Step 5: Tap on the image to create a connection between the sender and receiver via hotspot.

Step 6: The file transfer begins.👍

shareit download apk- Fast Transfer File & Fast Share File

shareit download apk : An excellent file sharing and transfer app with lightning fast transfer speed and friendly UI, transfer files without mobile data and internet.

► Focus on Share App, Music, Share Video & Share Photo, Share MV, Share Movie, Share It, Share Me, Share File, Send & Receive Big Files, Backup files.

► Fast share and transfer music, movie, video, app, film, file without mobile data. Send, receive and exchange files free and simple.

► ShareMi is a fast, lite, free and simple transfer app, focous on transfer and share files, no other unnecessary features.

shareit download apk

shareit download

► Transfer and share all kinds of files (apps, music, videos, movies, images, apk, pdf, word, excel, zip, folder…) to your friends in any places at any time without mobile data usage

► Fast transfer and share all types of files in easy steps, without the need of cable and USB, Fully offline send and receive files

► ShareMi supports batch copy all data, files backup and phone clone, replicate phone data and clone app very fast and easy.

► Share files without internet connection. Transfer files without using mobile data or connecting to the network at all. Free of WIFI. Free of network connection. Free of internet. Free of mobile data. Completely offline file transfer and offline file sharing

► Super fast transfer speed, 200 times faster than Bluetooth transmission, share one song just need one second, All data copy, clone and phone replication just need a few minutes

► Cross-Platform supports: Android, IOS, KaiOS(Jio Phone), Windows, PAD, PC

► Simple and friendly UI, all kinds of files can be found and share easily

► Resume interrupted transfers, no worries if your transfer got interrupted due to a sudden error. You can resume it with a simple tap without starting over

► Transfer history and received files can be easily found and managed

► Support more than 50 languages, you can use this app without any language barriers

🔥[Main Features]🔥

► Fastest transfer speed in the World
200 times faster than Bluetooth speed, the highest speed goes up to 30MB/s. Transfer files without losing quality

► Share & Transfer All Types of Files
Movies, Photos, Videos, Music, installed apps, apks, folders and any other files

► Send and Receive Large Files without limitation (Original Size)
Transfer big files without any limitation and restrictions, without losing quality

► Auto resume transmission from breakpoint
No worries if your transfer got interrupted due to a sudden error

► Easily upgrade and download apps from friends
Easily get all your friends’ apps, movies, music when connected, Apps, movies, music from your friend’s phone will be introduced to your own phone when connected successfully and can be shared and downloaded by one click.

► Easily find transfer history and manage received files
All transmission history and received files are listed scientifically in one place, you can easily check and manage at any time

Note:ShareMi will not access permissions that are irrelevant to our functionality.
By accessing Location, ShareMi can help to discover nearby users. Plus, it is required by Android system to access this permission.
By accessing Bluetooth Connection, ShareMi can discover nearby users more quickly so as to connect with Sender/Receiver more efficiently.

Shareit Apk Download

Share it allows you to share photos, files and folder with everyone using the same Wi-Fi connection or by the use of Bluetooth either publicly where everyone can view the files you are sharing, or privately where only specific people can view your shared files, and by so allowing them to download and comment on every file that is being shared, also once you open Share it it will automatically make you your own Wi-Fi website where you can download files that you and other people are sharing.

Shareit Apk

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Let’s say you saw something funny and you took a picture of it and you want to share that picture, and so here where Share it comes in place to allow you to share this photo with everyone and also allow them to write comments on that picture and share them, or let’s say you have a file or even a folder that you want to share with your class mates so you just upload it on your app and now everyone will be able to download that file from you either by using the app itself or by using the site that the app has made for you or for them (if they are using the app on their device) and download it from there .

How does Share it works?

1. When you open your app you will see the Shared tab which contains all of the files that are shared by everyone and here you can download and comment (everyone can view your comments) on each file.

2.In the File Selector tab you can select any file or folder that you want to share and once you make your choice the app will automatically share the files that you have chosen.

3.The My Files tab lets you manage your current shared files so you can remove, comment or set the privacy of you shared files.

4.The My downloads tab allows you to open or delete the files that you downloaded.

5.To use your personal website you just type the address that the application gave you in your Internet browser and there you can download your own files or files shared by others.

6. In the case on a not exsisting Wi-Fi connection the app will automatically use the device Bluetooth (it it is available )

Why Share it?
1. An easy and a very fast way to share files and folder.
2. The ability to download files from everyone and upload files to everyone.
3. The ability to comment on each and every file that is shared.
4. The ability to share files with your computer by using the address given by your app.
5. The ability to use Bluetooth sharing in the case of existing Wi-Fi connection.

Please in case of any difficulties you are more than welcome to send us a mail to:
[email protected]
and we will contact as soon as possible.

SHAREit Download NOW

SHAREit:Share files from device to device without cables.No Internet ? No problem , you can share video,audio,photo,file with nearby friends.The Best feature of ShareAll is that you can share files separately or in a form of a bucket as well which includes Apps , videos , photos , music , office (PDF,.docs) etc.

Best Sharing App for you and free of cost. Sharing Data was never so easy before. shareit With Our SHAREALL: File Transfer, Sharing enjoy unlimited data sharing totally Free. we allow our customer to share all type of sharing without any WIFI from one phone to another phone so this application is totally Offline.


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Now compatible with Android 7, android 8 and android 9

ShareAll Main Feature

* No network restriction,Share files whenever & wherever!

* Support multiple sharing at one time

* Support access to files after the reciver

* Simple and Easy

* No USB! No internet needed!

* Speed goes up to 20 M/s.

* Separate File sharing

* Bucket sharing

* Fast Sharing speed

* No cable required

* Totally Free

* Fast, Optimized and Powerful tool

* Keeps Sharing process working even when Screen is Closed/LockedCOLLAPSE

Download Shareit for android device

Share files, Movies, Video, Apps, Pictures with other android phones while being offline directly during or after calls without the Internet and with no limitations. Send anywhere & receive all kinds of files anytime whilst being offline directly after calls

No flash drives, external hard drive, USB Cable or internet required. Share Files in seconds with our easy to use transfer file & sharing app.



👑 A truly Global File Sharing App with 10 Million + downloads Globally.

🌟 You can take any type of file and share it using the Share all all app. You can share files offline without using internet data. Share all all provides a secure and stable way to share files via Android phones.

📞 Smart After call Screen for Caller Information
Know who is calling and directly share files from After Call Screens

🔥 Transfer files with speeds 300 times faster than Bluetooth with great quality and ease. Transfer & Share in mere seconds.

📌 The Simple & Easy to Use file sharing & transfer app is designed in a way that makes the management of files very fast and efficient. Send music, images, videos, files, docs, etc anywhere, anytime.

👉 Share files without any limitations. Share apps, images, videos, music, documents, etc. with no mobile data usage in a few easy steps.

⬇️ View and Play shared & received files. Check your video history and your received folder to view and play all types of files shared as well as received.

🔑 Supports Secure File Sharing with password protection.

💎 Junk File & Junk Photo Cleaner help you to clean up junk files, cache, duplicate files.

📲 Software Update Check will help you to check for updates for all your downloaded Apps, Games, System apps at regular intervals automatically.

🈲 SHAREall can be used in 15 different languages from around the world.

How does SHAREall Work?

Share all is the best file sharing app on Android. It provides a fast, easy, effective and efficient way to transfer data & share files. You just need to download the app from the play store and follow five easy steps.

Step 1: Launch App and create a profile.

Step 2: Click on Send to send files and Receive to receive files.

Step 3: At the Receiver end, wait till hotspot gets created automatically and at the sender end, select files to send.

Step 4: On the sender end, Wi-Fi gets connected to hotspot automatically created by the receiver and receiver profile image get displayed on the sender Wi-Fi screen. Clicking on the image results in a connection between sender and receiver via hotspot.

Step 5: Sent files start getting transferred between sender and receiver without any internet connection.

Coming Soon
SHAREall for iOS
SHAREall for Web

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Download SHAREit for PC Windows 10,8,7

SHAREit for Windows is a website to help you out with all the minute details about SHAREit APK. The SHAREit application that will help you all for sharing data between various platform like smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Laptop.

SHAREit App will help users to transfer data from one place to another. This application will help you exchange data between multiplatform. As it will help us as Multiplatform Support. And also transfer data from various data formats like music, videos, images, documents, and more. The SHAREit for BlackBerry, Android, iOS, PC (Windows and Mac) is available officially without any difficulty

SHAREit for PC

This website will help you to clear all your doubts regarding SHAREit specification, download, and installation. SHAREit Application will help to transfer files, information with colleague’s friends or anyone who want to share the information among different users. This will help to transfer the data without any inconvenience and at a fast speed. This is freely available for sharing applications which will share large size files and that too without the need for internet connection. So let us begin to get a clear view of this Website for SHAREit for Windows.

Few Things You Need To Know Before SHAREit for Windows.

The Windows operating system is the most trusted one as it is developed by Microsoft. So people most likely use windows operating system for their Devices. Although the fact that windows are most used operating system users were not satisfied with the working of Windows 8 when it was released in August 2012 there was a lot of bad reviews. Due to this the Windows 8.1 was installed and this OS had overcome all the drawbacks of Windows 8.

Anyways that is all about the history of these windows but nowadays users use Windows 8 as well as Windows 8.1. Now let’s come to the point and let’s know about the features of the SHAREit app for windows. So, using this app you can send files to windows computer faster than Bluetooth. You need a wireless connection between the sender and receiver.

Specification of SHAREit

The information is provided underneath consist of the specification of the SHAREit which you should know before you download ShareIT.
Download SHAREit For Windows 8

  • Version: SHAREit
  • Download size: 6.15 MB
  • Developer: Shareit Information Technology Co., Ltd
  • Release Date: September 11, 2007
  • Category: File Sharing
  • Operating system: Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (Windows on All Versions), MAC, iOS.

Features For SHAREit

  • SHAREit is Fast, real-time sharing between devices.
  • Transfers files faster than Bluetooth.
  • SHAREit can share the data quickly and comfortable transfer the data among the smartphone QR scanning.
  • The Size of SHAREit is inapplicable – large or small. SHAREit for Windows will transfer it promptly.
  • The Shareit App send files and necessary data between a couple of PCs or devices.
  • It is smart Photo back-up for phone-to-PC sharing.
  • It doesn’t require any cables and no storage devices to share the file.
  • The sharing process is not slow.
  • It doesn’t require any WiFi connection or mobile data charges.
  • Remotely attach to your PC to view your files and folders.

It is highly compatible with a large number of devices we want to connect to share the data.

How to Download SHAREit for PC and Windows OS/MAC/LAPTOP?

It is required to understand the very basic to steps included below to download Shareit for your Windows devices. You will not have to face any problem while you will be downloading ShareIT. If you want, you can download the ShareIT from the official download link given here. The users who will aspire to download ShareIT should understand and follow the following steps:

There are various platform for SHAREit available

  • Choose the platform available from the list given below for which you want to install. Here you have to select Device as you want to Install SHAREit.

Free Download SHAREit for Android

  • You can select any of the above links and download the SHAREit application for the platform you require. The SHAREit application is for the multiplatform device. You can select the platform you want to download for

How To Install SHAREit for Windows PC?

SHAREit is a very beneficial file sharing application that has been there very performing great in recent days. If you are still one of the people who has not installed SHAREit yet in spite of so many advantages then you have arrived in the very right place.

Initially, you need to know if your Windows operating system is 32 or 64-bit. Then Download the SHAREit application by following the above-mentioned steps. Once you have completed downloading the file then you can proceed to the installation process.

Locate the file we just downloaded. With the help of the steps given below, you can install the ShareIT.

SHAREit for Windows

Steps to Install SHAREit APK

  • First, you have to Download SHAREit and also find the .exe file for SHAREit in the downloads. It will resemble the file given below
  • Instantly if you click on this .exe file the underneath screen will appear on the screen.

SHAREit for PC
  • Install SHAREit for Laptop
  • Then the below-given window will appear on the screen and then select yes in it and give it permission so that you can make modifications.
  • The provided below screen will be accessible on your screen.
  • Now to continue you can select accept and continue your installation process.

SHAREit for PC

SHAREit for Windows Download

  • Instantly choose the destination wherever you need to save the install Share it for PC. Furthermore, select next to continue.

Install SHAREit

  • Presently, the below screen will resemble in front of you. So you can tick check or uncheck the checkbox whether you want the icon for share it on your desktop. And click on next to continue your installation further.

SHAREit v4.0

  • Then, you click on the Next later the installation of Share it on your PC start. As shown below.

File Sharing Application

  • Following the steps, your installation is finished. Then the given below window appears on your screen. You can click on Finish to complete the installation process of Share it for PC.

Install SHAREit for Windows 10

Thus, following the given steps, you can install the SHAREit application.

How Can I Add Wi-Fi to a Desktop PC?

The Desktop PCs do not normally come including the built-in Wi-Fi, particularly earlier designs. So if you require to get wireless connectivity on your Desktop PCs, then you have several alternatives. You can use either of these option to get the wifi connection on your desktop.

They are:

  • USB Wi-Fi adapter
  • A PCI-E Wi-Fi card
  • A new motherboard with built-in Wi-Fi.

So now you can use any of the above-mentioned adapters to connect your Desktop PC with Wi-Fi. This will help you to conveniently get the Wi-Fi connection on your Desktop PCs.

How does it Work?

The SHAREit application works on various platforms so the below steps include sharing between all type of platforms.

The device using SHAREit V4.0

  • Initially, you have to install the ShareIT V4.0 application on your Device.
  • At the present, as you open the application. ShareIT V4.0 will start searching for a SHAREit connection.
  • If you have ShareIT V4.0 installed on your Smartphone then opens it.
  • Start searching for the option “Show QR code”.
  • Once you find this link then Click on that option.
  • After you click then the QR Code will be seen on the screen.
  • Afterwards, click the choice that states “Scan the QR Code on your phone”.
  • Then with the help of your Smartphone camera, scan the QR code.
  • Once you complete this step then the two devices will get connected to each other.
  • So, now you will be able to send or receive files between devices using a Wireless connection.

This is all about the basic idea that is how we can use SHAREit V4.0. You can Click and get the complete idea about SHAREit V4.0.

Windows to Smartphone

  • Originally, start the SHAREit app on your Windows PC.
  • You will see the choice that says “Show QR code”.
  • Click on that option and then a SHAREit QR code will be explained.
  • And also, start SHAREit on your smartphone.
  • You will additionally see a QR Code option accessible while connecting to your computer or PC using Windows 10.
  • Now you must scan the QR code with your phone’s camera.
  • And once this is completed, the two devices will connect to each other. So now you are free to transfer and share files.

This is a small introduction to guide you to work with SHAREit on Windows. But as we all know there are different versions of Windows for which you can download SHAREit APK they are SHAREit APK for Windows 7, SHAREit for Windows 8/8.1, SHAREit APK for Windows 10, etc

Laptop to Smartphones

  • First, you have to install the ShareIT application on your Laptop.
  • Now as you open the application, Shareit will start searching for a SHAREit connection.
  • If you have SHAREit installed on your smartphone then open it.
  • After that from your smartphone app choose between Send or Receive.
  • Once you choose one of the options, the app will create a connection.
  • Now from your Laptop app wait for any approaching connection.
  • When these connections become visible then select it.
  • Now as both of the devices will get connected to each other.
  • So now simply you can select the files that you want to send or receive.
  • Once you have done selecting the file then the transfer of the data takes place between the two devices.
  • Once you are done close the Shareit App on Laptop as well as on the smartphone.

This is all about how to use SHAREit and transfer the data from one location to another by the means of SHAREit for Laptop and SHAREit for Winphones

Mac PC to Smartphone

  • First and foremost install this application on your Mac PC.
  • If you want to exchange any file you can click on the icon as you need to open the SHAREit app on MAC OS that we just installed.
  • Search for the option “Show QR code”.
  • When you find it then Click on that option.
  • After you click then the QR Code appears on the screen.
  • Then Click the option that states “Scan the QR Code on your phone”.
  • Then with the help of your Smartphone camera, scan the QR code.
  • Once you perform this step then the two devices will get connected to each other.
  • So, now you will be able to send or receive files between devices.

Finally, hope you found how to use SHAREit for innumerable platforms. And also the Mac and iOS users you must be pleased with such a wonderful sharing capability of SHAREit APK. So people now download the SHAREit APK for MAC.

What makes SHAREit stand out?

  • SHAREit Supports any kind of file Transfer from 1 device to different device.
  • This application also allows you to transfer large size files.
  • The speed for sharing is so quick. (40 times quicker than Bluetooth).
  • It promotes the sharing of files to five devices concurrently.
  • SHAREit can be attached to transfer data within separate devices such as smartphones or tablets.
  • Easy to use that is User-friendly.
  • It also transfers information wirelessly.
  • SHAREit also contributes multiplatform assistance.
  • It is a Free to use.
  • This app does not require any internet connection.
  • It will not leak your privacy so we can say that secure.

That is really quite unusual although there exist several benefits of using Shareit still you have not installed… So what are you waiting for? Don’t waste your time now and enjoy the privilege of this time saver wireless information transfer application. And get free from the cables and wastage of battery.

Alternative for SHAREit for Windows

SHAREit Alternative

The SHAREit application can be recognized to be one of the most famous file-sharing or exchange application for your Android or iOS devices and PC. The application, no difficulty, contributes to excellent speed while performing the data exchange process. But, there are some blunders while operating on it. And there are some causes behind these imperfections. Several users also said that it operates unconditionally accurate when it works but when it doesn’t, it fails awfully. For this purpose, we have brought some SHAREit application options that you can try when SHAREit fails to operate.

SHAREit is an application which has a varied application. But there are some disadvantages to this application. You need to know about them and also there are some applications which are available which will overcome the limitation of the SHAREit Application.

What is a file sharing application?

The data transfer files application is a software application that helps to transfer files from one location to another. The File-sharing applications will enable the end users to upload data to a given space and share it with who may be able to access the data.

File sharing application is basically the application which helps you exchange your data between various devices there are a variety of applications available in the market.


  • SHAREit
  • Xender
  • SuperBeam Pro
  • ShareFile
  • Send Anywhere
  • Wifi File Transfer
  • Files Go By Google

Among this, we all are familiar with SHAREit Application. SHAREit App has some limitation they are given below. To overcome these other applications are used. You can go through it select the application according to your need.

Limitation of SHAREit

  • ShareIt application has to be installed at both sharing and receiving end.
  • It is overfed with advertisements and commercials.
  • There are some unwanted features.
  • SHAREit application also faces some issue when it comes to the security of data sharing.

So now let us discuss the various alternatives available for SHAREit Application. Read the article below on SHAREit alternative and get the best option according to your requirement.

Let’s begin-

The various file sharing application is mentioned below which are the alternative to SHAREit for Windows you can go through the article below and find the Features of the SHAREit Alternatives and Select the Application which will suit you the best.


Xender app has nearly the identical characteristics as that of the SHAREit. It can share the files like large documents, files, folders, music, videos, and photos. With the latest updates, users can instantly share data among a smartphone to a PC or MacBook. It allows a really simple for users to send their authorized data from one device to other in nearly no time.

Features  of Xender

  • It doesn’t require any extra connection to transfer the data. It simply requires a WiFi connection direct link among the media.
  • Xender has a for sure faster than Bluetooth, with a firebolt speed.
  • And also enables you to exchange the data with 4 devices at a time.
  • It will Share files among iOS and also Android devices without any extra hard work so provides Cross-platform sharing.
  • Download Xender for PC.


Superbeam is the alternative choice to SHAREit or a still different file sharing application is SuperBeam Pro. It is a fast and simple means to move files among a couple of devices. This application operates via Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi direct while sharing data with the different device. Moreover, the data can be shared with other SuperBeam.

Features of Superbeam

  • It has a Blazing fast transfer pace and it uses WiFi direct.
  • It can also Share with devices that do not have SuperBeam installed in them.
  • Share single or multiple files of any type like pictures, videos, zip files, APK’s, contacts.
  • It will also Retain the records of all transfer operations.


It is another type of SHAREit app alternative which is known as Citrix developed ShareFile and furthermore allows the users to share and store big files. This is produced essentially for business prospects.

Features of ShareFile

  • It will provide Flexible storage alternative.
  • It provides the Data protection.
  • And also provides an option so that you can get Optimization for virtual desktops.
  • Also provides Outlook integration.
  • So it can securely save, send and sync—without any limitations.

Send Anywhere

The other attention-grabbing alternative to SHAREit is the application known as Send Anywhere APK. Moreover, you can make and share files throughout the links. By the means of the assist of this feature, you can share data with anybody who is not close to you. Even though it presents a clean outline, the application does incorporate an advertisement. You can in addition share full folders using this application.

Features of Send Anywhere

  • Make URL and Share anyplace ( URL valid for 48 hours).
  • Send application to application via Wi-Fi Direct technology.
  • Safe Exchange file from one device to another.
  • QR code authentication (6-Digit pin).
  • Data transfer has no compression.
  • It has an inbuilt media player.
  • Send Anywhere has minimal advertisements.
  • It has support for numerous platforms.

Wifi File Transfer

The WiFi File exchange application is also available on Android only. To the right to use data or to send and receive data from your Android to other media, you will have to make use of the URL created by the application. While the application lets you exchange folders too, the file size is limited to 5MB per file.

Features of Wifi File Transfer

  • It provides the exceptional cross-platform device.
  • Good Interface.
  • You can Upload or download numerous files simultaneously.
  • Easly transfer a file from one device to another with the help of wireless connection at faster than Bluetooth.
  • Compatible with all modern operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Linux etc.
  • It provides Password authentication (optional).
  • It provides Shortcuts to pictures, video and music directory.
  • Provides access to external SD cards and USB storage devices.
  • It can run as a background service.
  • It can View photos straightforwardly in your web browser.
  • Auto start service when coupled to the home network (optional).
  • It will also work while your device will be in hotspot mode.

Files Go By Google

If you are okay with the be short of cross-platform functionality, Files Go by Google is also a good alternative. The application is fundamentally considered to clean the storage space of your device; however, it also allows you to share data.

Features of Files Go By Google

  • It will free more space so that more storage space will be available on your device.
  • Files Go will save your time in looking for pictures, videos, and documents on your device.
  • It will share data with a speed of 490 Mbps. So we can say that it is quick, at no cost and it works without the Internet.
  • It has encryption while sharing the file.
  • It will help you to save the data in the cloud forever with its back up option.
  • Files Go will take less than 9 MB of storage space. And also there is no malware to have an effect on your phone’s performance.

Final Verdict

Hope you find this article on SHAREit for Windows Application beneficial.  That is very very strange as there are so several benefits of using Shareit but you have not installed… So don’t ruin your opportunity to enjoy this amazing application now and also take the advantage of this time saver wireless data transfer application. You can go through the following steps to download, Install and Use the SHAREit for Windows. And now transfer the data between the devices simple and immediate. You can follow the steps and as it is simple to practice you won’t face any problem while installing SHAREit for Windows.