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SHAREit Alternative

The SHAREit application can be recognized to be one of the most famous file-sharing or exchange application for your Android or iOS devices and PC. The application, no difficulty, contributes to excellent speed while performing the data exchange process. But, there are some blunders while operating on it. And there are some causes behind these imperfections. Several users also said that it operates unconditionally accurate when it works but when it doesn’t, it fails awfully. For this purpose, we have brought some SHAREit application options that you can try when SHAREit fails to operate.

SHAREit is an application which has a varied application. But there are some disadvantages to this application. You need to know about them and also there are some applications which are available which will overcome the limitation of the SHAREit Application.

What is a file sharing application?

The data transfer files application is a software application that helps to transfer files from one location to another. The File-sharing applications will enable the end users to upload data to a given space and share it with who may be able to access the data.

File sharing application is basically the application which helps you exchange your data between various devices there are a variety of applications available in the market.


  • SHAREit
  • Xender
  • SuperBeam Pro
  • ShareFile
  • Send Anywhere
  • Wifi File Transfer
  • Files Go By Google

Among this, we all are familiar with SHAREit Application. SHAREit App has some limitation they are given below. To overcome these other applications are used. You can go through it select the application according to your need.

Limitation of SHAREit

  • ShareIt application has to be installed at both sharing and receiving end.
  • It is overfed with advertisements and commercials.
  • There are some unwanted features.
  • SHAREit application also faces some issue when it comes to the security of data sharing.

So now let us discuss the various alternatives available for SHAREit Application. Read the article below on SHAREit alternative and get the best option according to your requirement.

Let’s begin-

The various file sharing application is mentioned below which are the alternative to SHAREit for Windows you can go through the article below and find the Features of the SHAREit Alternatives and Select the Application which will suit you the best.


Xender app has nearly the identical characteristics as that of the SHAREit. It can share the files like large documents, files, folders, music, videos, and photos. With the latest updates, users can instantly share data among a smartphone to a PC or MacBook. It allows a really simple for users to send their authorized data from one device to other in nearly no time.

Features  of Xender

  • It doesn’t require any extra connection to transfer the data. It simply requires a WiFi connection direct link among the media.
  • Xender has a for sure faster than Bluetooth, with a firebolt speed.
  • And also enables you to exchange the data with 4 devices at a time.
  • It will Share files among iOS and also Android devices without any extra hard work so provides Cross-platform sharing.
  • Download Xender for PC.


Superbeam is the alternative choice to SHAREit or a still different file sharing application is SuperBeam Pro. It is a fast and simple means to move files among a couple of devices. This application operates via Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi direct while sharing data with the different device. Moreover, the data can be shared with other SuperBeam.

Features of Superbeam

  • It has a Blazing fast transfer pace and it uses WiFi direct.
  • It can also Share with devices that do not have SuperBeam installed in them.
  • Share single or multiple files of any type like pictures, videos, zip files, APK’s, contacts.
  • It will also Retain the records of all transfer operations.


It is another type of SHAREit app alternative which is known as Citrix developed ShareFile and furthermore allows the users to share and store big files. This is produced essentially for business prospects.

Features of ShareFile

  • It will provide Flexible storage alternative.
  • It provides the Data protection.
  • And also provides an option so that you can get Optimization for virtual desktops.
  • Also provides Outlook integration.
  • So it can securely save, send and sync—without any limitations.

Send Anywhere

The other attention-grabbing alternative to SHAREit is the application known as Send Anywhere APK. Moreover, you can make and share files throughout the links. By the means of the assist of this feature, you can share data with anybody who is not close to you. Even though it presents a clean outline, the application does incorporate an advertisement. You can in addition share full folders using this application.

Features of Send Anywhere

  • Make URL and Share anyplace ( URL valid for 48 hours).
  • Send application to application via Wi-Fi Direct technology.
  • Safe Exchange file from one device to another.
  • QR code authentication (6-Digit pin).
  • Data transfer has no compression.
  • It has an inbuilt media player.
  • Send Anywhere has minimal advertisements.
  • It has support for numerous platforms.

Wifi File Transfer

The WiFi File exchange application is also available on Android only. To the right to use data or to send and receive data from your Android to other media, you will have to make use of the URL created by the application. While the application lets you exchange folders too, the file size is limited to 5MB per file.

Features of Wifi File Transfer

  • It provides the exceptional cross-platform device.
  • Good Interface.
  • You can Upload or download numerous files simultaneously.
  • Easly transfer a file from one device to another with the help of wireless connection at faster than Bluetooth.
  • Compatible with all modern operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Linux etc.
  • It provides Password authentication (optional).
  • It provides Shortcuts to pictures, video and music directory.
  • Provides access to external SD cards and USB storage devices.
  • It can run as a background service.
  • It can View photos straightforwardly in your web browser.
  • Auto start service when coupled to the home network (optional).
  • It will also work while your device will be in hotspot mode.

Files Go By Google

If you are okay with the be short of cross-platform functionality, Files Go by Google is also a good alternative. The application is fundamentally considered to clean the storage space of your device; however, it also allows you to share data.

Features of Files Go By Google

  • It will free more space so that more storage space will be available on your device.
  • Files Go will save your time in looking for pictures, videos, and documents on your device.
  • It will share data with a speed of 490 Mbps. So we can say that it is quick, at no cost and it works without the Internet.
  • It has encryption while sharing the file.
  • It will help you to save the data in the cloud forever with its back up option.
  • Files Go will take less than 9 MB of storage space. And also there is no malware to have an effect on your phone’s performance.

Final Verdict

Hope you find this article on SHAREit for Windows Application beneficial.  That is very very strange as there are so several benefits of using Shareit but you have not installed… So don’t ruin your opportunity to enjoy this amazing application now and also take the advantage of this time saver wireless data transfer application. You can go through the following steps to download, Install and Use the SHAREit for Windows. And now transfer the data between the devices simple and immediate. You can follow the steps and as it is simple to practice you won’t face any problem while installing SHAREit for Windows.

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