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APK NameSHAREit – Transfer & Share
APK Size32M
Current Versionv5.4.8_ww
Requires androidVaries with device
DeveloperSHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd

Upon different classification of apps, file sharing is one most used category, and SHAREit Apk is the best of all. SHAREit for transferring data has become simple. SHAREit Apk for Android is a cross-platform file transferring tool loved and used by millions of people. Data transferring was once a complicated process, and SHAREit has made it a very simple and easy-to-do process. With hands-on Android phones, anyone can transfer files of any type and any size.

Shareit Apk

SHAREit is free to use the Android app that lets you send and receive data to other SHAREit users. External USB cables are outdated, and you can now share files and data with the wireless file transferring tool called the SHAREit App easily. Just connect with other SHAREit application users regardless of the operating system they run and easily send files between devices. Thus you can send files from your Android device to any other smartphone platforms and desktop OS. Without taking much of your time and patience, SHAREit Android App works efficiently and at a faster rate to transfers the files. The SHAREit file transfer retains the same original quality of the file you share as there is no compression process done while sharing. So in all the way, 

Shareit Apk

SHAREit is worth the note when it comes to file transfer from your Android device. The article is all about the SHAREit Apk for Android, features of Android SHAREit and a direct link to download SHAREit Apk.SHAREit is loaded with lots of advanced file sharing feature and thus made to be the world’s most preferred cross-platform file sharing tool. The SHAREit App transfers file at the fastest speed of 200 times than that of the Bluetooth, the earliest wireless file-sharing means. Even without using any data or the internet, the file-sharing process will be done in the SHAREit at the top transferring rate.SHAREit Download Apk Free is a cross-platform application and is available as SHAREit for PC Windows, SHAREit for Mac PC, SHAREit for Windows 10 PC, SHAREit for iOS, SHAREit for Windows Phone, and SHAREit Apk for Android. Downloading the SHAREit Android version is very easy as there is an official version of the app made available in the Google Play Store. Get into the article to know more about the SHAREit Apk for Android.

SHAREit for Android – A Must Have File Sharing Tool

SHAREit File Transfer has been introduced for all the different operating systems, and thus there is an official Apk for SHAREit available to download. With the SHAREit app apk, any of its users can transmit files including photos, videos, music, movies, apps, PDF, documents, wallpapers, GIFs and other types of files.SHAREit Apk for Android transmits data and files within seconds with other users of SHAREit.You need not transfer files via cables or the Bluetooth file sharing and at the lowest speed rather download SHAREit for Android to experience the fastest file sharing at the speed rate of 20M/s. SHAREit App is based on the ad-hoc Wi-Fi connections. As mentioned, this file-sharing application works without any internet usage. So it creates its wifi network or hotspot to transmit files between other SHAREit apk latest version installed devices. It even transfers files and data between people without using cloud storage. There is even an option to share some files with multiple users at the same time as the Android SHAREit app supports the multiple files transferring.SHAREit doesn’t restrict you with the file size and thus is easy to share even the several gigabytes of file size within seconds. Both to connect with others and with your desktop or laptop, SHAREit works great. With the SHAREit you can get connected to your desktop PC and view files right on your Android mobile. Also, you are given an option to control your PPT with your mobile directly.

More About Shareit

When it comes to backing up, SHAREit Android Apk is a great tool that keeps all your valuable data by transferring it in seconds. On successful transmission, SHAREit Apk will automatically close its WiFi connection. The most impressive feature as with this file transferring tool is that you will be able to use SHAREit in a flow with its user-friendly interface.Just with the send and receive buttons, all your file-sharing will get completed. With the inbuilt media player, it is easy to play movies and videos. SHAREit has also included in-built play tools to control the multimedia contents. The powerful equalizer of SHAREit will provide its user with immersive experiences. SHAREit App Download for Android Mobile is easy and gets down to the below section and download the SHAREit App in one click. Download the latest SHAREit for Android by clicking on the link given below.

Features of SHAREit

SHAREit for Android is a free-to-use file sharing tool that
transfers files of any size and any type.
⚡Transfer files between any device from SHARE Apk with no cables, Bluetooth, internet or data.
⚡Share pictures, mp3, mp4, movies, PDF files, documents, apps, and more files types with this SHAREit .
⚡SHAREit for PC apk app lets you transfer files at speed 200 times faster than Bluetooth.
⚡Simply scan the QR code from the SHAREit Android on other device to share files on the go.
⚡Remotely control your desktop PC to view photos, music, videos and more from your Android device with SHAREit.
⚡Without losing any quality SHAREit Apk transfer files and data at the highest speed of up to 20M/s.
⚡Control your PPT with your Android mobile easily with the SHAREit Android.
⚡Connect with multiple devices of about five with SHAREit installed to share files simultaneously to many users.
⚡Phone replicate transfers or backup your contacts, messages, apps, other files from your old phone to a new one easily.
⚡Back up photos to the desktop PC from Android phone using the SHAREit app with one single tap to saves phone storage.
⚡Share files with any platform as SHAREit Apk are available as a multi-platform application to smartphones and desktops

  • 👍SHAREit supports almost all formats and thus give smooth playing experience.
  • 👍Watch infinite online videos in HD and other formats, offline watching with continuously updated collections.
  • 👍The elegant music player with powerful equalizer provides you with immersive experiences.
  • 👍Discover the music of high-quality songs, thousands of curated playlists.

Screenshots of SHAREit

Shareit Apk
Shareit Apk

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